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Need to know your business is secure?

Each of our clients have their own unique IT resources.   One one side of the spectrum, we support law firms and engineering companies that have traditional networks.  And on the other end of the spectrum, we support start up clients, where all employees work from home and utilize cloud applications.  Which ever footprint your company has, Contigo wants to make sure your data and reputation is protected.   We deploy today’s most useful security tools and procedures to attain that goal.

Need your employees to be supported

Most of our clients come to Contigo saying they’ve outgrown their existing IT support firm.   We realize the employees need a simple and easy way to get support, and Contigo has the easiest way for them to start a support request.  75% of our support tickets are closed under 10 minutes!

You don’t like turnover

Another reason clients come to Contigo from other IT support firms, is due to their high rate of turnover.   Contigo has implemented several internal procedures that help inspire our staff to excel, increase their knowledge, and offer upward mobility.

We provide all our employees with ongoing training so we can be a great partner for your outsourced IT services.


Local, Local, Local

Our focus is Austin, TX, and we have built our business around it. Our office is here, our employees are here. Our clients rely on us to be the experts.


Security as a Top Priority

“Data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records in the first half of 2019.”

With numbers like that, security should be your number one concern. In fact, the most common worries expressed by our clients are those related to security. Cyber threats and attack take many forms, growing increasingly sophisticated every day. Luckily, Contigo has your back. We protect your network against harmful breaches and other cyber threats through the prevention of malware acquisition, insider security incidents, and web- or app-based attacks.

We are able to deliver our Austin IT services to local businesses in the form of various IT solutions, all of which are tailored with your company in mind. We aim to provide you with services that enhance your ability to meet your main business objectives and improve your firm’s own core offerings. By bundling our IT support services into one, single commitment to your business, we do things a little differently. Our approach gives you a game plan that you can be confident about. We put a plan in place that covers every aspect of our clients’ needs.

Our Managed IT Support Services

Managed Security

Proactive management and protection for your IT ecosystem.

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End User Support

Rapid response to user requests to keep your desktops secure and efficient.

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Office 365

All-phase support for adopting Office 365, from licensing to management services.

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Cyber Security Training

Resources for end users to better understand and mitigate IT threats.

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Network Management

Network performance monitoring and outage management.

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Vendor Management

Coordination with your service providers, so you benefit from a single point-of-contact.

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Disaster Recovery

Customized storage plans and audits, plus intervention support.

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Server Management

Dedicated attention to the efficacy and vitality of your servers.

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Standard and custom reports generated regularly or on-demand.

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Security as a Top Priority

The most common worries expressed by our clients are those related to security. And their concerns are justifiable. Cyber threats and attacks take many forms, growing increasingly sophisticated every day.


Contigo Protects.

Short for “malicious software,” this is software used to covertly access a device and mine or manipulate data or IT systems. Malware can be a virus, worm or Trojan, all of which simply use different methods to achieve their aims.


Contigo Protects.

Whether intentional or not, employees, contractors and partners can initiate damaging security events. Simply controlling access to sensitive information and educating users can greatly reduce these incidents.

Web-or App-Based

Contigo Protects.

Nearly every website and application requests a login. When unencrypted and unmonitored, every input of private information can leave your business vulnerable to attack by malicious parties trolling the internet.